Data Protection

This is our GDPR Privacy Policy.
We still may have a few details to add but it will hopefully answer the majority of your questions. Please ring us if you have any questions that we have not answered below.

Data Storage and Access:

  • All of our data and applications are hosted on Google Compute Engine(GCE) servers located in Belgium
  • All administration access is restricted to the GCE Console or a white list of IP addresses
  • All sites on the server have HTTPS only access
  • All access passwords are hashed with a random seed
  • Users are encouraged to adopted 2FA on their accounts
  • All data and files are backed up nightly to a second Google hosted server
  • The latest backup is then stored at a second location on an encrypted drive
  • All UDB customers are required to confirm that any data they store on our system conforms to GDPR regulations
  • All software requests to the database are subject to multiple security level checks
  • Our web portal is subject to weekly security and update checks by a third party
  • Server security checks and updates are carried out every two weeks
  • Following the UK's exit from the EU, all data hosting will remain in the EU and will therefore remain subject the same GDPR regulations

Data Use

  • All data stored by our customers in their area is restricted to that customer's use
  • UDB will not access customers' data for any purpose other than that requested by the customer or for maintenance or testing purposes
  • Although UDB will, when asked, advise on best practices, correct and legal use of data stored by the customer, it is the ultimate responsibility of the customer
  • UDB can provide facilities to assist customers in gaining consent for storing data but the responsibility for gaining and managing consent is the responsibility of the customer
  • Facilities will be provided to permanently delete any records as required by the customer
  • All UDB customers are required to confirm that any data use conforms to GDPR regulations

Data we store about you

  • Any data stored by UDB about our customers or suppliers will only be stored for the purposes of normal business transactions
  • None of the data we store will be used for marketing purposes or sold to any third party
  • We do not use any tracking cookies on our site and we encourage our customers to do the same
  • Any usage data stored is either anonymised or held temporarily and used solely to improve the user interface experience
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